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Let's keep moving

Group matwork Pilates classes

Tutbury and Rolleston on Dove, Staffordshire

Open to all ages and abilities

Small class sizes so booking is essential

Build your strength and flexibility 

Connect your mind and body



Hi, I'm George! I've been teaching Pilates for 6 years.

I am passionate about movement and Pilates and I am fascinated by the body. I believe in the importance of finding the fun in movement - it should be enjoyable and make you feel good.

I came to Pilates after a back injury and I've been hooked ever since.  I love that no matter what your level, beginner or advanced, there is always more to find from Pilates exercises. For me the precision and concentration required provides a constant challenge.

I am a fully qualified matwork teacher and also hold qualifications in Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Pilates Barre, Small Equipment. I undertake regular CPD with a variety of different providers. 


Movement is Medicine

Pilates is suitable for all ages, all body types, all personality types!Offering group matwork classes, private 1:1 sessions and corporate packages, By George Pilates has something to suit every body.​Group matwork classes run in Tutbury and Rolleston on Dove. ​​​Get in touch to find out more about class times and prices.



Designed to your body and your needs

Pilates Work Out


Suitable for all bodies, modifications are given

Elderly Woman at Gym


Ideal for beginners or those wanting to keep active

Iyengar Yoga


Designed around your business aims for employee wellbeing

Pilates Class


The principles of Pilates are concentration, precision, flow, control, breathing, alignment, centering, coordination, stamina... Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, the original matwork programme is a flowing sequence of 34 exercises.

My teaching style draws from both Classical and Modern approaches;  it nods to the original 34 exercises with an awareness of the stresses of 21st Century life on our bodies.  

My classes are designed to lengthen and strengthen your body. I aim to equip my clients with the knowledge and skills to move with freedom and joy both at class and out in the real world!

Joseph Pilates

"The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body
and not at its mercy"

I think I may be one of George's oldest pupils. I have been doing the classes for a number of years, and enjoy them very much. George is wonderful and very patient. The gentle class which I do is fabulous. I have made lovely friends. I really look forward to them. Thank you George

I thoroughly enjoy By George Pilates The sessions suit me perfectly and I am improving my strength in small increments every week. I can’t recommend George enough - excellent teacher!

George is an excellent teacher. Her classes are instructive, informative and amusing (thanks to her great sense of humour). She's very attentive to ensuring you're using your body correctly and it's amazing how many exercises she gets through in a session! Highly recommended.

I always feel better after Pilates. It's uplifting and fun. Plus I always have a lovely feeling of being 'in my body' when we have finished.

George is very professional and talks us through every move with explanations of what parts of our body we are using for each exercise and why, explaining what we should be feeling and where on the body.  I would highly recommend joining a class as everyone is so friendly and I feel so much better in mind, body and fitness.

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Pilates Work Out


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